We offer you a service specializing in smaller businesses that will allow you to outsource your financial and accounting processes, acting as support for the management of your company.

A comprehensive advising service based in your needs. In Kadom we do not just prepare your financial statements but rather analyze them and create specific, personalized reports that give you constant information about how your business is faring.

Our clients have access to all the information online and in real time, so in a particular moment they can see all sent and received invoices, know if they have been paid or not, obtain a preview of cash flow, know their level of VAT, and much more. Our system will update all your bank accounts and account for any new movements before 8:00 am.

Accounting Services

  • Preparation based in the law and the specific needs of each client.
  • Preparation, legitimization, and deposition of official statements.
  • Preparation and deposit of Annual Statements.
  • Preparation and presentation of periodic reports.
  • Examination and reconciliation of bank accounts.
  • Rigorous control of the General Ledger (suppliers and clients).
  • Analysis of amortization and asset provisions.
  • Financial and cost analysis for all kinds of projects.
  • Preparation of ad hoc reports for the directors.
  • Updating fiscal exercises in progress.
  • Financial and budgetary control.
  • Management control functions for quick decisions.
  • Obligatory or voluntary audit of Annual Statements.
  • Preparation of consolidated statements.
  • Inspection and control of stocks and assets.
  • Expert reports.
  • Financial statements and financing accounts.
  • Obligatory reports: change in capital, cancellation of rights in preferential subscriptions, etc.
  • ”Ecoembes audit”.
  • Expert reports of an economic, accounting, and financial nature.
  • Calculating lost profits.
  • Reports providing objective justification for firings.