In Kadom we have a firm and unbreakable commitment to following the law, but we also offer various services to help with structuring your business and protecting your fiscal and intellectual property. We rely on the best team of professionals, who capably interpret and analyze all types of situations to determine exactly what our clients need.

We are aware of the specificity of each one of our clients, and because of this the services we offer are totally exclusive and particular to your needs. This way you can avoid your worrisome legal responsibilities and dedicate your time to growing your business.

We work within a vast network of collaboration which offers us constant support whenever needed. From the best partners to the most exclusive lawyers in Madrid, Spain’s top talent is at our disposal if their services are required.

Legal Services

  • Constitution of businesses and all kinds of comercial societies and legal structures.
  • Partnership agreement.
  • Formalization, deposit, y registation of Annual Statements.
  • Registration and protection of brands, patents, industrial processes, and knowledge.
  • Legal restructuring operations.
  • Legal research and reporting on general hiring conditions.
  • Legal advising, processing licenses, and administrative authorizations.
  • Integrative advising in situations of insolvency.
  • Fiscal planning and streamlining according to the situation.
  • Study, preparation, and presentation of all types of declaration-liquidation models.
  • Assistance and advising about information requirements and Tax Agency audits.
  • Predictive analysis at fiscal close.
  • Negotiation of contractual conditions.
  • Specialized assistance in inheritance processes.
  • Creating and processing wills.
  • Our team specializes in this area, whether in or out of court.
  • We always stay within a brand of transparency and respect
  • High recovery percentages in all cases