The preparation of payroll, enrollment in Social Security, calculating severance pay . . . all these services are the bare minimum a Human Resources should do.

But in Kadom we want to add value, truly contribute to your management with the same philosophy at all times: add value, reduce our clients’ administrative headaches, anticipate possible contingencies, and lower costs. For example, we email each one of your employees their paystub (payslip), and we alert you in advance to the termination of contracts.

Furthermore, just like in all other departments, we intend to resolve any doubt or bottleneck the instant they arise.

Human Resource Services

Social Security
Other Benefits
  • Enrolling the business and completing the corresponding Work Accidents Mutual form.
  • Gains and losses in the general and special systems.
  • Admission, dismissal, and variations of workers.
  • Preparations of bulletins for Social Security contributions, electronic reference to the nominal relationship of workers like direct deposit.
  • Deferment of ordinary and executive fees.
  • Processing dismissal, admission, and confirmation of illness before INSS.
  • Formalizing work accidents.
  • Recommendations and reports related to the business and its workers.
  • Preparation of paystubs, bonuses, delays, administrative payroll, workers’ compensation, and severance packages.
  • Study of cost per employee. Staff reports and summaries.
  • Preparation of tax settlements for workers and professionals, just like withholding statements.
  • Background check prior to hiring workers, bonuses and subsidies.
  • Drafting contracts, extensions, variations, and job offers.
  • Asessment, externalization, and formation related to the prevention of labor risks.
  • Labor advising through the creation of a report on the business’ real situation.
  • Processing subsidies in the labor field. Intervention before the SMAC.
  • Action in the business’ name before Treasury, INSS, and Work Inspection.
  • Study and processing retirement, disability, and maternity benefits, among others, before INSS.
  • Interpretation of Collective Bargaining Agreements.